Bruce Culvert

  • Services Rendered: Bridge Construction, Demolition
  • Date: October 2020
  • Client/Location: Bruce, Alberta

Formula Alberta Ltd was retained to demolish an existing field access timber bridge and install a 3.99m di SPCSP over an unnamed watercourse located 7 km North of Bruce.

Formula Alberta was first responsible for managing the water on the site. It was accommodated by installing sheet piles surrounding the work area, completing fish capture and release, and subsequently dewatering the area and pumping downstream to manage flow. Formula left the existing bridge in to utilize as access across the creek for the duration of construction. Work began by completing excavation in the dewatered area and building the bed of the culvert. The SPCSP pieces were partially assembled and lifted into place. The culvert was backfilled complete with clay seals on both ends. Class C concrete end treatments were then constructed including rebar on each end of the culvert. As weather was getting colder, the concrete had to be heated and hoarded and the temperature monitored as per AT specs. Once the end treatments were cured, 220m3 of riprap was placed. The job was finalized by removing the isolation, installing new fencing, seed and topsoil, straw rolls, erosion control soil covering, and removing the old bridge.

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