Clearwater County Bridge Replacement

  • Services Rendered: Bridge Construction, Preconstruction Roadwork, Demolition
  • Date: September 2020
  • Client/Location: Clearwater County

Formula Alberta Ltd was hired to demolish an existing 6.1m long HC girder bridge with a treated timber substructure and replace it with a 14m single span Precast Girder bridge. The project is located on Northfork Road in Clearwater County, southwest of Rocky Mountain House.

Formula Alberta was first responsible for installing two pre-construction signs, two weeks prior to the work, followed by the construction of an on-site detour as the project location was very remote. A temporary bridge and temporary detour road were constructed on site utilizing an approved TFA. The existing bridge was then demolished. 20 fully galvanized H-piles were driven, 75m3 of riprap was placed and the steel SPCS backwall installed. Steel Abutment caps were then constructed and granular backfill was placed. 14m girders were erected from one end of the bridge ensuring not to block the detour road. The roadworks consisted of some GBC and gravel surfacing as well as shaping the ditches and installing topsoil and seed. The project was finalized by installing bridgerail and guardrail with steel posts as well as straw rolls and erosion control soil covering.

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