Kneehill County Bridge

  • Services Rendered: Engineering/Design, Demolition, Bridge Construction
  • Date: February 2020
  • Client/Location: Kneehills County

Formula Alberta submitted a response to an RFP for Kneehill County to provide a design to repair their bridge. The selected design that was provided by Formula Alberta and included a sheet pile substructure. Formula Alberta was engaged to remove the existing bridge and construct a new 18m single span concrete girder bridge. The bridge site is located near Three Hills, Alberta.

Formula Alberta was first responsible for providing an engineered design for the structure which included utilizing sheet piles, H-pile abutment caps, and specialized 18m precast concrete girders. The next step was to demolish the existing structure, then install plain steel ZZ14-770 sheet piles as both the wingwall piles and bearing piles. Abutment caps were welded to each sheet pile alignment, bearing pads placed on top of the caps and subsequently 18m girders were erected. The job was finalized by touching up the roadway, installing bridgerail and cleaning up the job site.

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