Nordegg Bridge

  • Services Rendered: Demolition, Bridge Construction
  • Date: September 2020
  • Client/Location: Nordegg, Alberta

Formula Alberta Ltd was retained to demolish the existing 2.43m x 28m long culvert and install a 3 span SL Concrete Girder Bridge on a steel substructure. This project carries the Forestry Trunk Road over Side Creek, South of Nordegg, Alberta.

Formula Alberta started this project during the Restricted Activity Period so no in water work occurred during the first phase. This project called for an on-site detour which was constructed right beside the new bridge alignment. The bridgework comprised of installing H-piles encased in concrete in pre-drilled holes, installation of SPCS Backwall and steel abutment and pier caps with pier nose plates and bracing. As well as erecting 6m and 10m girders and the installation of bridgerail. Formula returned after the RAP and removed the existing culvert under the newly constructed bridge as well as installed riprap, constructed the road and installed guardrail. Straw Wattles and Erosion Matting were placed to finalize the project.

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